sun ray and barn red and the D.O.D.

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k.  so some of you know that i am moving in with WIO in a few months.  and i am SO excited. 


we've decided to repaint some rooms.  we spent Sunday at Home Depot picking out paint colors.  we couldnt decide what color we wanted to do the hallway.  he wanted to do the kitchen burnt orange.  i have always wanted a scrambled farm egg yellow kitchen.  i suggested we paint the bathroom orange.  we picked 4 colors.  Sun Ray (yellow), Falling Leaves (orange), Planetarium (blue), and Topiary (green).  we made 4 squares on each wall of the room we wanted to paint with Kilz.  and sat on our hands for an excruciating hour while it dried.  every few minutes or so, one of us would look at each other and squeal with impatience and excitement cause we wanted to put some paint on the damned walls! 


when it was FINALLY time to paint the swatches, we could hardly contain ourselves.  we grabbed 2 small jars of paint and each painted 2 squares in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. 


we agreed on yellow in the kitchen (SUCCESS!) and burnt orange for the bathroom (ANOTHER SUCCESS!) and the green for the hall.  no.  nothing is going to match.  (i will have to let that go...) but it's been SO much fun so far.  there have been a LOT of "BABY!  WE'RE PAINTING!!!!  BABY!  BAAAAABY! LOOK!  WITH THE PAINT AND THE WALLS AND THE PAINTING AND THE WE AND THE US!"  it's gotta be nauseating for the outside world. i'm sure it is.


then on monday, we went to go BUY the paint we wanted.  and MORE adventures at the Home Depot... did you know that they can tint the kilz a lighter shade of the paint youre going to use so that it makes it more better.  we decided to do that for the burnt orange.. cause its a rich color... and when they were done tinting it, we realized its the EXACT same color that the bathroom is NOW!  sheesh. 


so we left there and were talking about shelving for the pantry... and WIO suggested we go to Habitat for Humanity to the ReStore and see if they had anything.  and you KNOW THIS CauseHead was ALL for that!  we looked at doors and fans and tiles and as we were passing the water fountains (i HAD to put my foot down on THAT one) we spied desks. as far as the eye could see.  we HAD been talking about a new desk.  so we looked.  and we found one we liked.  it was on its top on another desk, but it was a solid looking desk.  we couldn't find the price, so we went to get someone to help us out.  it happened that WIO knew the guy (of course.  he knows EVERYONE).  we asked the guy how much the desk was.  he asked us what we wanted to pay.  WIO said, "eh... fifty, sixty bucks?" the guy tore off a piece of tape and wrote "$20"  DONE! SOLD!


WIO asked me to go get the truck so they can load it.  and THAT... THAT is when we realized that the desk is made of elephants.  Paula Deen fed elephants.  it took 4 grown ass men to get it into the truck.  no, seriously.  at least it's solid.  WIO told me that night when he was driving home that he had to slam on the brakes and ended up with splinters in his gallbladder because it came crashing forward with such force. 


meanwhile.  we have paint.  and paint stuff.  and a new desk.  and NO WHERE TO PUT IT.  we were all hopped up in the great deal we got for a fantastic desk, that we didn't really think it through.  it has NOW been dubbed the Desk of Doom.  or D.O.D. for short.  last night we got 3 of his buddies to come get it OUT of the back of his truck and we put it on the back porch and covered it with a tarp.  ya know... until we take out a wall and rent a crane and lay down a concrete foundation upon which to sit it, that is where it will sit. 


look at how couple-y and domestic we are.  just LOOK! 


that's the FIRST coat of kilz.  ya know... for painting.. and us.  and US PAINTING ... TOGETHER! (check out that taping job!)


now.  speaking of space.... and having to play Two-House Tetris... where ARE we going to put the other STUFF?  like MY couches and christmas decorations and and and.  the smart in us kicked in and agreed that we would be better off to BUY a shed that rent a storage unit.  and we have hemmed and hawed about what kind and how much and where to put it.  well today... TODAY we pulled the trigger.  WIO likes red barns, so we got a barn Red Shed. 





if THAT isn't commitment, then i dont know what is. 

i am so excited i cant stand it. 

too bad DESSERTS won't fix STRESSED

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i am stressed out.  and i don't know why.  i can feel the tension.  i can hear the shortness in my voice.  i am not quite to the non-sleeping place.  but i'm getting there. 


here's what i think it COULD be:


  • my house is cluttered and messy
  • work is starting to become boring and monotonous
  • my clothes don't fit right
  • i'm in a rut
  • lack of patience with dumb things
  • my teeth STILL hurt
  • relationship jenga*
  • need to take ACTUAL time off instead of a day here and there where i catch up on OTHER stuff
  • may NOT be going to boston

and i'm sure there is a litany of other things too, that are small and insignificant, but added up make a good ole stressball. 


i am not sure how to fix it.  i just am aware of the indicators that SOMETHING needs to change.  the BIG indicator was yesterday when i was apparently speaking a different language to EVERYONE in my world.  i had to repeat and rephrase and pick and choose my words with customers and friends.  it was frustrating, to say the least, but also was a giant neon sign that when i am getting snippy with customers its time to take a step back.  we don't want a repeat of the last few months of when i lived in SC.  i was NOT a nice person. 


so i've recognized it.  now.  how do i fix it? 


i'm thinking a mini vacay and a margarita or eleventeen.  but i don't drink.  so.  how do i fix it?






*relationship jenga

the feeling that the foundation is fine and dandy until some major issue gets talked about instead of assuming that everything is ok and it takes a block out and shakes the tower.  the foundation is great, parts get wobbly when we BOTH dont use our words.  and i will take a HUGE chunk of responsibility for that since i am the one that's getting into Stress Monkey mode. 


organized alphabetically

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 was telling a friend on Saturday night that i was doing "No ABC's"

No Alcohol

No Bread

No Cigarettes.

and i made it a month.  YAY ME!

and have decided to continue the theme.  at first i thought i would alternate it from NO to YES.  since i didnt want this year to REALLY be two thousand nein.  get it?  nein?  as in No?  as in i'm giving up a ... ahh screw it.  I thought it was funny. 

anyway... i thought, "since i said NO to ABC in january, i can say YES to DEF in february" but couldn't think of anything cool to say yes to.  dates? (the fruit, honey) diets? drugs? diving? exercise? eating? elephants? fitness? fritos? friends?  i was getting nowhere. 

until today.  i went for my consult to get my wisdom teeth yanked so i can make room in my mouth for when i get braces.  teeths gotta have room to move, yes?  and when the good doctah gave me my "dental plan of action" my DEF became clear.  February is YES to Dentist - Extractions - Fillings.

momma's got a LOT of work that needs to be done.  he will only take out my top wisdoms too because the lower ones are essentially lodged somewhere in my hips.  i'm thinking they would be too much of a pain in the ass to get to.  and since they haven't "erupted" yet, no need to dink with them.  so.  next monday i have fillings and one extraction.  then in march i have the other side.  and then i have scaling and major cleaning.  and THEN... THEN i can go see the orthodontist to see what HE thinks about braces. 

they handed me the sheet with the menu items of things i need done and i about fell out of the chair.  its gonna be $997 AFTER what insurance covers.  YEEEOUCH.  at least i dont have to pay for it all at one time.  but still.  as long as the end result is an ACTUAL shit-eating grin i dont mind photographed, then it will all be worth it.  right?  right?  amiright?



25 Random Things

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(a repost from my Facebook.  aka a Lazy Girl's Blog Entry)

1- i have 2 identical huge coffee cups that are my "day off cups" i will ONLY use them on my days off. regular cups can be used on a day off, but day off cups cant be used on a regular day.

2 - i don't eat blue MnMs. most of you know this.

3 - i am ridiculously in love. i honestly didn't think i would ever feel that again.

4 - most of my significant adult friendships were forged over the internet.

5 - i wanted to be a mommy by the time i was 23. i'm now 33 and still wondering what the
hell happened.

6 - i feel like i am a nag.

7 - i have 2 baby brothers that are 6 months apart. (different parents)

8 - i really really really miss grilled cheese sandwiches. i haven't had one in over 3 years.

9 - i know all the lines to Steel Magnolias and Princess Bride.

10 - not a single day goes by that i don't quote the movie Tommy Boy

11 - i want to take a tour of Scotch distilleries. in Scotland, of course.

12 - i want to see Van Morrison in concert again. this time in Belfast, Ireland.

13 - i am OCD about paper towels in a public restroom. i typically use 5. unless it's the motion detection one that takes forever and i will use 3. never 4.

14 - i have been able to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue since i was about 4 years old.

15 - i don't eat certain foods due to texture issues. applesauce, grits, cottage cheese...

16 - i have a weird notion that one day i will be able to meet movie stars and singers that i like as if that's just as simple as a phone call.

17 - the last time i went out in public with unpainted toenails was 2001. before that it was probably 1991.

18 - i have a diamond earring in my left ear that i got on my 21st birthday from my mom. i have not taken it out since.

19 - i don't plan on getting married again, but if i do i have picked out the ring.

20 - i want to go back to London as an adult, since i missed so much of it as a 14 year old.

21 - i am a PIIIIIIICKY eater until it comes to sushi. then bring it on. it doesn't make sense.

22 - i am very self-aware.

23 - i miss smoking. the ACT of it. the gesturing with a cigarette in my hands like in the old movies. using it to punctuate a conversation.

24 - i don't like my smile.

25 - i have visions of myself from a past life in the 13 or 1400s, standing on cliffs of Scotland (maybe Ireland) in a long dress waiting for my true love to come back to me. i can smell the ocean and feel the wind in my face and feel the ache in my heart.

Christel, you're a Grown Up now.

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earlier today i posted THIS on a messageboard that i belong to:


i'm excited and hopeful and feel guilty and ashamed that i didn't vote.


someone responded back with this:


Don't be. The popular vote means absolutely jack shit.

I went the whole day in school with just one mention of President Obama by a teacher, who merely commented on it since he's a history professor. I was kind of surprised. It was actually eerily quiet at school today. 

my response back to that was this:


i mean that i was a lazy schlub who hid behind my "there is NO one worth voting for, therefore i am not voting" stance instead of doing ACTUAL research and being a member of the grown up world where people listen and pay attention and make choices that affect not only themselves, but affect other people as well.  i feel guilty that i am excited for this new wind of change since i didnt help in championing it.  i feel ashamed that i hopefully will be reaping the benefits for other people's hard work in watching debates and reading up on the candidates and caring about the state of our nation.  i took the easy way out and i don't feel that i should be allowed to have the swell of pride in my chest or the lump in my throat at the notion of the man who has the potential, the drive, and the desire to change this country for the better. 





and it's true.  i DO feel guilty and ashamed.  many of my friends voted for this man.  and i stood in my bubble and stuck marshmallows in my ears and gave lip service to those who would listen.  i did NOT do my duty as an American.  and i'm sorry. 


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i know the first rule of Blog Club is there is no Blog Club.


and the second rule of Blog Club is do not blog about work.  but since i am not blogging about anyone specific, i think i will be ok. 




on saturdays, we have a sales meeting early in the morning.  and last saturday, as i was sitting there with all of my sleepy co-workers, listening to the assistant manager conduct the meeting, a light bulb went off inside.  "i could do his job!"  not in an "i'm better than him" way, but in a "time for a change, toots" kind of way.




and i hadn't really ever considered BEING an assistant manager before, because i knew my time with this company was short.  not to say i haven't committed to the job and the company, but my long-term goals do NOT include wireless phones.  i assumed that i would be with the company for a few years and then i would put in my notice that i was going to part-time so that i could sit in my garage on a stool next to my roaster and listen to the chucka-chucka-chucka of my dreams coming to fruition and then one day, i would be able to break the ties to the company all together and have a going away party, complete with "we're gonna miss yous" and "you're gonna do greats" and "we wish you the best in all that you dos" followed with "please put me down for a standing order of 10 pounds of coffee a months" and i would tearfully pack up my stash of saltines and chiclets and walk out the door with my head held high that I was going to work for myself. 




but that dream is going to take a while. 


so when i realized that it's time to change things up and consider a different position with the company, it took me by surprise.  needing some perspective, i asked both biased previous managers.  they said "DO IT!  YOU'D BE GREAT AT IT!"  and wanting a third opinion, i asked our old area manager.  she ALSO said "GO FOR IT!" 




now, don't think i am going to just jump in head first.  right now i am seeing how the words even sound in my mouth first.  and we don't even have any open positions available.  but when we do, you bet your sweet asses, i am gonna go for it.





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ok so it's the 9th of January and i am JUST now posting my resolutions.  and they arent really all resolutions, more things i want to accomplish this year.


this year i will:

  • stop smoking
  • lose at least 20 pounds
  • give up bread (so far it's been 8 days)
  • learn to quilt
  • call my family more
  • finish 3 blankets for Project Linus
  • organize a canned food drive party with WIO
  • GO TO BOSTON with Angela
  • have a yard sale and get rid of a BUNCH of crap in my house
  • revive ChristelByDesign and start an etsy shop
  • take a vacation with WIO
  • learn 10 new kickass meals to make that are healthy and tasty
  • teach Angela's daughter, Ashton, how to knit
  • blog more
  • get the Numbers organized to start working on our book
  • love more
  • laugh more
  • live more

i also want to thank everyone in my life that cheers and loves and listens and understands.  you are all so precious to me. 



that damn KimmyDarling

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she posted THIS which now means that Allison and i will have the fun task of cataloging all of the colors we have that we would be willing to part with. 

and THEN deciding which colors we want to replace them with. 

jeeeezus.  cause you KNOW her current count is 297.  i haven't counted mine lately, but i know i'm hovering around the 250 mark.

but this WILL give me something to do with my sobriety.  yes folks it's that time again.  30 Days of Sobriety.  6 days down.  24 to go. 

WIO (FINALLY picked a pseudonym for the BF) and i were talking about the first time we did the 30 days.  and remembered that we had gone to some music-y festival thing and we were just rattling off all sorts of details about that day.  everything from what we were wearing to what we ate for dinner... and THAT was when we realized the difference not drinking makes. 

wish me luck.




ten, nine, eight

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i had this introspective post i was working on about the end of one year and the beginning of another and it wasnt coming out just right. 




so let me just say, I wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year.


see you in twenty aught nine. 


CP out. 

new digs

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so.  for Christelmas i have given myself a new home.

i will slowly transfer all the other posts from the other blog to here... but go ahead and bookmark THIS site as the new home for me.

don't forget to wipe your feet and put the toilet seat down, but welcome!

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To Do list

  • stop smoking
  • lose 5 pounds
  • lose 10 pounds
  • lose 15 pounds
  • lose 20 pounds
  • learn to quilt
  • pay off Target card
  • pay off Capital One
  • pay off HSBC card
  • yard sale
  • Canned Food Drive Party
  • 40 squares for Knit To Give
  • new glasses
  • wisdom teeth yanked
  • braces (?)
  • apply for financial aid
  • get my last college credit
  • teach Ashton how to knit
  • teach Maggie how to knit
  • vacation with WIO
  • vacation with Angela
  • donate to CAFB
  • 30 days of sobriety in January
  • 30 days of Sobriety in February
  • Sober till St. Pats.
  • blanket for Project Linus
  • etsy shop