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dinking with the bloggity.  i think i like it. 


we shall see.  it's the Whores Moaning that made me do it.  otherwise i would be repainting walls in WIO's house and changing the blog is WAY cheaper and easier and and and.

speaking of the hormones...  i am in constant fear that the City of Round Rock is going to cement my feet into the ground and use me as a back up water source for the entire county.  anyone have some water they need retained?  i am your girl.  no.  seriously.

also, the whores would like a sandwich.  with bread.  a LOT of bread.  if you could put EXTRA bread in the sandwich, that would be better.   a bread sandwich, if you will.  but smoking... no major cravings there.  it has been almost 72 hours which is the crucial peak for withdrawal and claw your face off cravings.  GO ME. 


in celebration i would like a sandwich.  did i mention that i would like a sandwich?  why not add some salami and ham and bacon to the sandwich so i can secure my spot as the Human Water Tower, too while youre at it.

k, thanks.


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To Do list

  • stop smoking
  • lose 5 pounds
  • lose 10 pounds
  • lose 15 pounds
  • lose 20 pounds
  • learn to quilt
  • pay off Target card
  • pay off Capital One
  • pay off HSBC card
  • yard sale
  • Canned Food Drive Party
  • 40 squares for Knit To Give
  • new glasses
  • wisdom teeth yanked
  • braces (?)
  • apply for financial aid
  • get my last college credit
  • teach Ashton how to knit
  • teach Maggie how to knit
  • vacation with WIO
  • vacation with Angela
  • donate to CAFB
  • 30 days of sobriety in January
  • 30 days of Sobriety in February
  • Sober till St. Pats.
  • blanket for Project Linus
  • etsy shop