beat the drum and hold the phone, the sun came out today.

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Dear John Fogerty,




Its been since September 28th since i have heard your voice.  i purposely do not listen to Centerfield during the off-season.  it's sacred.  but today, TODAY, i listened to you sing "put me in coaaaaach," 5 times on the way to work today.  and the only other song that can elicit such a chill during the first 10 seconds of a song is "Into the Mystic"




its been a long 6 months.  but now, it is baseball season once again.  and i will admit, when i went to the UT home opener several weeks ago, i felt like i was cheating.  it was clandestine baseball.  i felt like i should have been wearing a trench coat and fedora and big sunglasses.  but, in my defense, they have installed astroturf type nonsense on the UT ball field.  so i was unable to smell the grass.  and smelling the kentucky bluegrass is baseball.  having hotdogs is baseball.  drinking 9 dollar beers is baseball.  feeling the tingle of the excitement of a stadium full of baseball fans is baseball.  hearing "Centerfield" is baseball.  wearing my Reds shirt under work clothes is baseball.  the smell of pine tar is baseball.  diving catches, grass stains and red clay dirt is baseball.  i am ready.  i have been ready for 6 months.  and as Susan Sarandon says as Annie Savoy in Bull Durham, "the only church that feeds the soul, day in, day out, is the church of baseball"




let's play ball!









blah blah Valentine's day

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i honestly couldn't care less about Valentine's day. 


no really.  sure i have on heart socks and have bought valentine candy and even bought a little something for Kiddo.  but yeah.  i am not big on VDay. 


no need for the rant on why.  let's just chalk it up to i think i do a fine job of showing the people i love that i love them all days of the year.  no need to commercialize my love. 


but i AM still excited about today.


know why?  wanna know why?  GUESS! WHY!





know what that means?????  it's almost SPRING TRAINING!!!



baseball?  baseball.  BASEBALL!


Ang and i are going to *whispers* Fenway for our Annual Angela and Christel Baseball Trip this year.  the reason i whisper it, is it if you say it TOO loud Angela starts to hyperventilate when she thinks about it too long.  i kinda do too.  i am SO ready for it to be baseball season again.  i am ready for the shit-talking and the smell of the grass and the over-priced ballpark food and trying to wrangle Kiddo during the UT ball games and hopefully another trip to Houston or Arlington, grass stains and hoping and praying that my boys pull it together THIS year, even though Kenneth, Adam, Ryan, and Javier have left empty places where they used to be. 


but i digress.  yes, it's Valentine's Day.  but WIO got me Pitchers and Catchers.  top THAT!

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