sun ray and barn red and the D.O.D.

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k.  so some of you know that i am moving in with WIO in a few months.  and i am SO excited. 


we've decided to repaint some rooms.  we spent Sunday at Home Depot picking out paint colors.  we couldnt decide what color we wanted to do the hallway.  he wanted to do the kitchen burnt orange.  i have always wanted a scrambled farm egg yellow kitchen.  i suggested we paint the bathroom orange.  we picked 4 colors.  Sun Ray (yellow), Falling Leaves (orange), Planetarium (blue), and Topiary (green).  we made 4 squares on each wall of the room we wanted to paint with Kilz.  and sat on our hands for an excruciating hour while it dried.  every few minutes or so, one of us would look at each other and squeal with impatience and excitement cause we wanted to put some paint on the damned walls! 


when it was FINALLY time to paint the swatches, we could hardly contain ourselves.  we grabbed 2 small jars of paint and each painted 2 squares in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. 


we agreed on yellow in the kitchen (SUCCESS!) and burnt orange for the bathroom (ANOTHER SUCCESS!) and the green for the hall.  no.  nothing is going to match.  (i will have to let that go...) but it's been SO much fun so far.  there have been a LOT of "BABY!  WE'RE PAINTING!!!!  BABY!  BAAAAABY! LOOK!  WITH THE PAINT AND THE WALLS AND THE PAINTING AND THE WE AND THE US!"  it's gotta be nauseating for the outside world. i'm sure it is.


then on monday, we went to go BUY the paint we wanted.  and MORE adventures at the Home Depot... did you know that they can tint the kilz a lighter shade of the paint youre going to use so that it makes it more better.  we decided to do that for the burnt orange.. cause its a rich color... and when they were done tinting it, we realized its the EXACT same color that the bathroom is NOW!  sheesh. 


so we left there and were talking about shelving for the pantry... and WIO suggested we go to Habitat for Humanity to the ReStore and see if they had anything.  and you KNOW THIS CauseHead was ALL for that!  we looked at doors and fans and tiles and as we were passing the water fountains (i HAD to put my foot down on THAT one) we spied desks. as far as the eye could see.  we HAD been talking about a new desk.  so we looked.  and we found one we liked.  it was on its top on another desk, but it was a solid looking desk.  we couldn't find the price, so we went to get someone to help us out.  it happened that WIO knew the guy (of course.  he knows EVERYONE).  we asked the guy how much the desk was.  he asked us what we wanted to pay.  WIO said, "eh... fifty, sixty bucks?" the guy tore off a piece of tape and wrote "$20"  DONE! SOLD!


WIO asked me to go get the truck so they can load it.  and THAT... THAT is when we realized that the desk is made of elephants.  Paula Deen fed elephants.  it took 4 grown ass men to get it into the truck.  no, seriously.  at least it's solid.  WIO told me that night when he was driving home that he had to slam on the brakes and ended up with splinters in his gallbladder because it came crashing forward with such force. 


meanwhile.  we have paint.  and paint stuff.  and a new desk.  and NO WHERE TO PUT IT.  we were all hopped up in the great deal we got for a fantastic desk, that we didn't really think it through.  it has NOW been dubbed the Desk of Doom.  or D.O.D. for short.  last night we got 3 of his buddies to come get it OUT of the back of his truck and we put it on the back porch and covered it with a tarp.  ya know... until we take out a wall and rent a crane and lay down a concrete foundation upon which to sit it, that is where it will sit. 


look at how couple-y and domestic we are.  just LOOK! 


that's the FIRST coat of kilz.  ya know... for painting.. and us.  and US PAINTING ... TOGETHER! (check out that taping job!)


now.  speaking of space.... and having to play Two-House Tetris... where ARE we going to put the other STUFF?  like MY couches and christmas decorations and and and.  the smart in us kicked in and agreed that we would be better off to BUY a shed that rent a storage unit.  and we have hemmed and hawed about what kind and how much and where to put it.  well today... TODAY we pulled the trigger.  WIO likes red barns, so we got a barn Red Shed. 





if THAT isn't commitment, then i dont know what is. 

i am so excited i cant stand it. 

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