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i know the first rule of Blog Club is there is no Blog Club.


and the second rule of Blog Club is do not blog about work.  but since i am not blogging about anyone specific, i think i will be ok. 




on saturdays, we have a sales meeting early in the morning.  and last saturday, as i was sitting there with all of my sleepy co-workers, listening to the assistant manager conduct the meeting, a light bulb went off inside.  "i could do his job!"  not in an "i'm better than him" way, but in a "time for a change, toots" kind of way.




and i hadn't really ever considered BEING an assistant manager before, because i knew my time with this company was short.  not to say i haven't committed to the job and the company, but my long-term goals do NOT include wireless phones.  i assumed that i would be with the company for a few years and then i would put in my notice that i was going to part-time so that i could sit in my garage on a stool next to my roaster and listen to the chucka-chucka-chucka of my dreams coming to fruition and then one day, i would be able to break the ties to the company all together and have a going away party, complete with "we're gonna miss yous" and "you're gonna do greats" and "we wish you the best in all that you dos" followed with "please put me down for a standing order of 10 pounds of coffee a months" and i would tearfully pack up my stash of saltines and chiclets and walk out the door with my head held high that I was going to work for myself. 




but that dream is going to take a while. 


so when i realized that it's time to change things up and consider a different position with the company, it took me by surprise.  needing some perspective, i asked both biased previous managers.  they said "DO IT!  YOU'D BE GREAT AT IT!"  and wanting a third opinion, i asked our old area manager.  she ALSO said "GO FOR IT!" 




now, don't think i am going to just jump in head first.  right now i am seeing how the words even sound in my mouth first.  and we don't even have any open positions available.  but when we do, you bet your sweet asses, i am gonna go for it.




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