Mimi's Memos

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my mom is an entrepreneur.  she has created many ideas and businesses as long as i've known her (i LOVE using that phrase about myveryownpersonal mother)


she has done marketing for businesses and sewn some beatiful runners and curtains and tablecloths.  she has assisted my aunt with managing and maintaining a very lucrative health business.



and her newest amazing project....  MIMI'S MEMOS.

     In 1996, I wanted to make my mother a special gift - you know, for the woman who has everything. I’m not a knitter or a great seamstress. I’m not a potter or a painter. I am a great cook, but Mom lived too far away for me to cook her something wonderful. At the time I owned my own marketing company – designing marketing tools and plans for people in business. So…

     After much thought, Mimi’s Memos came to life. I selected photos of all her grandkids, along with some of my sister, my Dad and me. I created memo cards with funny little captions and packaged them in cute bundles, tied with ribbon. To my delight, our “Mimi” was tickled pink with her very personal and special memos. Everyone who saw them, loved them.

and this is JUST in time for Mother's Day.  i am SO excited about this new business of hers.  she has used some great pics.  even some that are similar to LOLCATS.  which crack me directly the F up. 



so go check it out.   she's doing a 10% off Grand Opening Special right now....  so hurry!




making a difference

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i got this email from Mama B today.  it makes me SO happy that i am making a difference. 


Christel, thank you for sending the knit-a-square link.
I have just come from my principal's office, asking if I can sponsor a 6th grade recess knitting group--I can teach kids to knit, and we can start making squares once or twice a week. Next year I may even be able to pull in some moms or volunteers from Sun City to expand this if it takes off--right now I don't feel like I can have more than 10 kids or so at a time. I am also going to send the link home to all of my students families, asking for donations of needles and worsted, and inviting them to participate at home. My principal was very supportive and will get back to me as soon as he can bounce this off the powers-that-be at Central Office. Cross your fingers!
They didn't let me run the UNICEF collection this year because of money issues, but I feel it is really important to get kids to think outside of themselves, and this really appealed to me.
Love and hugs,
i have finished 4 squares so far.  it takes 40 squares to make one blanket.  i am personally challenging myself to knit 40.  i am having so much fun with this project!


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several years ago, Allie taught me how to knit.  and i think she taught Lola how to knit as well. 



since then i have knit many gifts and had a lot of yarn left over. 


then i started knitting for Project Linus.  but that is time consuming and not something that can be knocked out in the span of a movie or 2. 


but in my email this morning was a link HERE! 

Knit a square to help keep a cold child warm

Knit and send just one square (or more) and it will join thousands of other knitted squares from around the world to be joined into blankets for these children, many of whom are affected by HIV AIDS.


so i'm calling all KNITTERS.  let's do this. 










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